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ssh Java interface for Unix, Linux and MS Windows system administration.


Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above. Get It Here.

Free 5 Years Application Licensing.

Supported Operating Systems:

Visit download site and get
Helper MonkeyTool

TOP 10 software list

Helper MonkeyTool

ssh Java interface for Unix, Linux and MS Windows system administration. Features: Allows you to remotely access and control your servers...

Tiny BASIC for Curses

BASIC interpreter for the curses character screen handling library which fully corresponds to the Tiny BASIC specification. To put it simply, this is the simplest programming language which still enables to do many things. Tiny BASIC was a small simple BASIC for old microcomputers which had a very small memory. This interpreter enables to do everything which Tiny BASIC enabled to do on these old microcomputers, and what was usually done with it. Includes interactive environment and...


This editor will help you create homepages faster and easier than ever. WebWorks has some unique functions that are very useful, for example, search/replace in multiple documents, multiple undo or get color from picture. This program is very customizable, you can add your own commands, draw your own buttons and much more.

XML Copy Editor

A fast, no-frills XML editor with DTD/XML Schema/RELAX NG validation, XSLT, XPath, pretty-printing, syntax highlighting, folding, tag completion, lossless import/export of Microsoft Word documents and a highly configurable spelling and style check.


Forget your button maker! This software is for creating 3D-looking elements for websites and software interfaces is much more flexible. Easily paint raised or lowered shapes such as buttons, rings, boxes... or add those effects to existing graphics. Color/texture selection, adjustable extrusion depth, gloss and other effects. Used best in cooperation with an image editor.

Total Web Kit

Completely free website creation kit allows you to have your website up and running in minutes. Simple interface ensures you waste no time figuring things out, built-in themes get you started quickly and the powerful editor lets you fine-tune your new page. Finally, domain research tools will help you find that perfect domain, while the integrated web transfer makes it painless to upload your new site.


CopyAsUrl enhances Windows Explorer by adding context menu that when activated forms fully qualified URL link from selected file or folder. To obtain local URL path simply right-click on selected file or folder and chose "Copy As URL" menu item. The URL will be copied to clipboard and can be pasted to any text editor or application. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.


Databrid is a browsing, retrieval and manipulation tool designed for the novice to the expert user. Databrid works on MySql and Oracle Database (versions 8 and above although not all functionality in the Browser is available for the lower versions). The core functionality of Databrid revolves around the tabbed areas within the Databrid application. The four main tabs in the main screen of Databrid are: SQL Editor, Browser, File and Jobs. Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here....


The program could attach any desktop window to one of the screen edges and auto hide it. (Hidden panels will work like the windows TaskBar). Very useful e.g. adding to the hide list the C++ Builder main window(top), object inspector(left) and project manager(right), makes a lot more editor space on the screen. HINT! You can add the active window to the hide list using the predefined Ctrl+Alt+A key combination. Also you can let PanelHider window active and use Alt+A Hotkey to easily add to the...


ACE is a interpreter (A C Emulator) for a subset of standard ANSI C that runs on the PIC family of microprocessors. It is intended for the same category of applications as the Basic Stamp™ system produced by Parallax Inc. The advantage of an interpreted system for a novice are that little detailed knowledge of the hardware is required and that it is (nearly) impossible to crash the system due to a programming error. There are about 45 PIC registers available to the user in the 16F84...

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