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WebProjector is Freeware slideshow based on Flex technology. Simply decompress downloaded archive and upload extracted files to your website account. All images and sound will be preloaded. No database required. Whole configuration was placed in easy editable XML file. Enjoy ;-).


Manage your SQLite 3.0 databases easily with a GUI. Easy to create a new SQLite database. Organize all your databases in a folder and you can browse through them all at once. View the contents of tables. Execute your queries. Not an installable... just download and run. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

SQL Nexus

SQL Nexus is a tool that helps you identify the root cause of SQL Server performance issues. It loads and analyzes performance data collected by SQLDiag and PSSDiag. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend manually analyzing data. Features: Fast, easy data loading: You can quickly and easily load SQL Trace files; T-SQL script output, including SQL DMV queries; and Performance Monitor logs into a SQL Server database for analysis. All three facilities use bulk load APIs...

GamerEden Arcade Website Script v

There seems to be millions of PHP arcade scripts but there seem to be very little in the way of ASP.NET arcade scripts. This version requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and was written in C# using MSSQL 2000 as a database backend.

eXtremecode ASP.Net Generator

eXtremecode Generator (short name eX Generator ) is simply a tool which takes a collection of database connections as an input and produce a well-formed Asp.net Application. eX Generator consists of two applications. One application is eXtremecode Definition Generator (short name XDG Application), for generating database schema which takes collection of database connections as an input and gives databases schema (definition) in the form of an XML file. And second application is eXtremecode...

dotConnect Express for Oracle

dotConnect Express for Oracle is a free of charge enhanced ORM enabled data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications. It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database applications. Key Features: High performance Easy to deploy Supports the latest versions of Oracle server, including Personal and Express editions All Oracle...


BaseX is a native XML database. It features compact storage structures, a very efficient XPath and XQuery implementation and a visual frontend, facilitating visual access to the stored data. BaseX is written in Java and freely available for download. It is developed by the Database and Information Systems Group at the University of Konstanz. Features: Support of XQuery 1.0, reaching 99.3% of the W3C XQuery Test Suite Partial support of XQuery Full-Text, based on the W3C Working...


CrawlTrack is a free application (license GNU GPL), which allow to track search-engines crawlers and spiders visits on your website. Datas are displayed in the form of tables and of graphics for easy viewing. CrawlTrack is a php script using MySQL database. CrawlTrack exist for the moment in English, Spanish, German and French, the translators for other languages are welcome.

Microsoft SQL Server Compact (64-Bit)

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 is a free, embedded database that software developers can use for building ASP.NET websites and Windows desktop applications. SQL Server Compact 4.0 has a small footprint and supports private deployment of its binaries within the application folder, easy application development in Visual Studio and WebMatrix, and seamless migration of schema and data to SQL Server. Features: SQL Server Compact 4.0 is the default database for Microsoft WebMatrix,...

NetworkSmart Express

Application teams, quality assurance groups, developers and IT organizations rely on NetworkSmart to quickly identify and resolve performance problems found in their mission-critical applications. This easy to use software is designed to help companies reduce application downtime and increase the efficiency of applications running on the network. Features: Determine if issues are Network or Application related Instantly Determine Performance with easy to use Dashboards and Maps...


X-SQLT Command-line Processor is an easy to use, fast and resource-friendly utility, that allows you to perform data selections, conversion and transformation tasks by using generally available technologies, like ADO DB, MSXML and WSH, and by supporting common data formats (XML, CSV and JSON) and transformations (XSLT, XPath, VBScript, JScript, etc). This utility complies to X-SQLT specifications, which is a declarative, XML-based language used to describe a series of commands for...


JMyBackup is a simple graphical user interface for MySQL database backups. JMyBackup is easy to use (user interface for mysqldump). To run JMyBackup there is no installation necessary. Features: backup mysql databases and tables run with userinterface or in batch mode clear to use and easy to understand create your own batches to run backups for different databases/tables as source and different targets userinterface for mysqldump with individual parameters Requires Java...

Scribes Report Builder

Scribes reporting builder Connects to Unlimited Databases, including Firebird , Interbase ,PostGre-Sql , Sybase, SqlLite, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and text files or ODBC. Features: Connect to unlimited databases at the same time - locally or over the Internet Create queries without SQL knowledge Filter, sort and group your data in any way Insert charts into reports Export to Excel, HTML, PDF and RTF E-mail your data and merge reports...

Meta Tags Retriever

Meta Tags Retriever is a simple tool for webmasters to use to find other optimized meta tags generated from the top 20 websites ranked in Google. Simply enter your keywords or keyword phrases, and Meta Tags Retriever will list the top 20 websites found in Google. Once the results are listed, you can easily click on the URL to strip the html meta tags that are utilized by high ranking websites.

Database Command Executor

This is a simple utility that can perform a SQL commands on a database. You can execute an insert, update or delete commands as well as select statements. Utility returns the number of processed records as its ExitCode and you can also save the results (selected records or the processed records number) to the specified XML, CSV or TXT file. It is possible to immediately transform the resulting XML file by the selected XSL stylesheet template, so you can export the result to as...

Database Browser Portable

This easy to use tool allows user to connect to any database and browse or modify data, run SQL scripts, export and print data. Features: Unlimited number of connections One click switching from one connection to another One click table browsing Data browsing Data exports into CSV, Excel, Html files Execution history Sql Builder with wide range of supported databases Execution Log Incremental Table Search

Free Vertical Slider

Cross-Browser Dhtml JavaScript Vertical Slide Show concatenates and slides from the top down any number of images. Adjustable: Speed, Size, Background, Border and Name! You may use Hyperlinks with any / all images. Pauses while mouse is over. Vertical Slider is Multi-OS and Cross-Browser compatible script.

RealMetrics Client - VPS Hosting

RealMetrics performs over 55,000 tests per day against actual accounts established with VPS hosting providers to publish objective reports daily. Review the reliability, speed, and customers service performance of the top VPS hosting providers.


TortoiseCVS lets you directly check out modules, update, commit and see differences by right clicking on files and folders within Explorer. You can see the state of a file with overlays on top of the normal icons within Explorer. It even works from within the file open dialog. You can perform tagging, branching, merging and importing, and you can go directly to a browser web log (using ViewCVS or CVSWeb) on a particular file.


Entrance is an Open Source MySQL Browser that allows you to create zoomable and pannable charts based on search queries. Features: Table Views and a Database Explorer Tree With Drag and Drop Support Drag and drop tables between MySQL databases, even on different hosts. Use the "match box" to limit the displayed rows to those matching a string. Exchange data with spreadsheets. Copy and paste data from web browsers and other applications. Run multiple SQL scripts, even on multiple...


The NVIDIA SDK includes hundreds of code samples, effects, and libraries to help you take advantage of the latest in graphics technology. This release includes several new code samples, bug fixes and improved documentation: GPU video and effects using shaders Image processing using discreet cosine transforms on the GPU Computing image histograms using occlusion queries The complete collection of code samples include HDR using 2x fp16 render targets, DXSAS implementation, GPU...

PublisherZ Monitor

Publisherz Monitor is your personal desktop publisher monitor. It provides you with statistics and informative graphs of your current ad networks information in a stand alone windows application. You can monitor an unlimited number of ad networks accounts from the top ad networks available including Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Amazon Associates & FastClick. A sound and/or system tray icon notifications can be configured to alert you when your revenues have changed or reached a...


Win-ProLi is a small application for the administration of your (software) projects. It directs to user, who don´t like to install a complete version management system. With this software you get an overview of all existing and future projects (versions).

Web Statistics Montage

Web Statistics Montage is a free tool that compiles web statistics from multiple web sites and sends them to you in an easy-to-read, easy-to-compare format without having to log in anywhere! Just set up a simple configuration file, upload the files to your site and you´re done. Web Statistics Montage gathers statistics like search engine spider activity, the PageRank of each of your sites, the unique visitors to your site over the last 3 months, what keywords were used to get to your site...

ASP Report Wizard

The ASP Report Wizard is a multi-level web reporting component that is used to generate professional drill-down reports with as much 1 Click from virtually any data source. This version supports many features including fast dynamic reports, simple charts & graphs, multi-level data reporting, multiple dynamic column sorting, data filtering, generating reports from multiple tables, multiple field summaries, field data formating, field name aliasing and much more... The ASP Report Wizard is...

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