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Sakila Sample Database Ports

Port of Sakila sample database to Oracle, SQL Server, SQLIte, Interbase/Firebird and Microsoft Access, Original Sakila for MySQL and Pagila are included as well for the user convenience. Why we did it: As we add more features and data sources to our ETL software the testing requirements become more complex. One day we realized that we need a standard database for testing of ETL processes.

MYDBPanel M-V1.1Z

MYDBPanel is the World’s most powerful web based Database Administration Software. MYDBPanel is aimed to provide the world a software product , that can be used to completely manage, administrate and use any Database Servers over a secured and easy to use web based environment. The Database Servers include Oracle , MySql , SQL Server. Features: MYDBPanel is an advanced web based control panel which is used to Manage/Administrate/Use a database server at the same environment. The user...

Structy for Java

Structy is a free tool which allows you to simply generate highly improved Java classes from a MySQL database. The generated Java classes will ease the access to the database throught different methods explained in detail in the support section of our official website. Thanks to Structy, you will be able to develope easily a proper object oriented application.

Absolute Database

With AbsoluteDatabase you can forget the Borland Database Engine (BDE). Absolute Database is the compact, high-speed, robust and easy-to-use database engine. With Absolute Database you will not need special installation and configuration, it compiles right into your EXE. Make your application faster and smaller with Absolute Database! Features: No BDE no DLLs SQL´92 (DDL & DML) support Single-user and mutli-user mode (file-server) Single database file; Unmatched...

ScimoreDB Embedded Database

ScimoreDB embedded database is an in-process running SQL database with over 375.000 deployments that has a small footprint, an easy-to-use interface and yet offers a full set of stand-alone database servers features. Developers use ScimoreDB to simplify software development for any sized database applications for Windows. Unlike other embedded databases, ScimoreDB is a fully featured RDBMS and it "feels" like working with a standard client/server database, although it is loaded into your...

DBTree (Java Database Tool)

DBTree is a cross-platform (both database and operating system) general purpose database query tool. Some of the primary features of DBTree are a tabbed interface which allows you multi-database connectivity and multiple Workbooks per connection. A Workbook is the main query interface and is optimized for productivity and ease of use. DBTree also features automatic session saving and loading upon startup. Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.


iPostMX is a community forum written in CFML. Auto Login - new users can sign up and begin posting immediately Admin/User Role Control - Assign roles delegating where a user can and cannot start new topics or post a reply One-button Database Install - Setting up the database for iPostMX is now easier with one-button database installation iPostMX 2005 is released under the GPL OpenSource License. It´s opensource and, best of all, it´s FREE.


pgAdmin is a comprehensive administration interface for the PostgreSQL database. The application runs under GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MS Windows. It was designed to answer the needs of all users, from writing simple SQL queries to developing complex databases, with support of the latest PostgreSQL features. The software is released with an installer and does not require any additional driver to communicate with the database server. pgAdmin is developed by a community of database...

PaGoDump for PostgreSQL

PaGoDump is a GUI Windows utility for backing up a PostgreSQL database built with Microolap PostgresDAC. It makes consistent backups even if the database is being used concurrently. PaGoDump does not block other users accessing the database (readers or writers), also it works with databases with any names (unicode) and dump them to any files (unicode again). Dumps can be output in script or archive file formats. Script dumps are plain-text files containing the SQL commands required to...

ResourceBlender Express

ResourceBlender is a translation and internationalization software created to offer users an easy way to manage localized resources for inclusion with different applications. Available as an ASP.NET web application and a standalone desktop utility, it makes localizing applications a breeze. ResourceBlender generates localized resources in different formats from a central database for inclusion with different applications. Features: Export resources to .NET .resx files, Java...

FmPro Worksheet

FmPro Worksheet - A free graphical utility for sending SQL commands to FileMaker 7 databases. FmPro Worksheet enables FileMaker 7 database developers to use libraries of SQL commands to speed development of FileMaker 7 solutions. FileMaker 7 developers can utilize all SQL commands supported by the FileMaker 7 database including CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.


FBMetaData is a graphical user interface to the popular Firebird database system. This utility has some great features, such as: The ability to view copy and past the generated SQL; a feature that is consistent throughout every form in this application. It also allows multiple grants amongst users, roles and tables with a single action. It can also be used to create local or remote connection, and can create databases with a named owner. With this utility you can open a connection to a...

SQuirrel SQL Client 03.13.13 Snapshot /

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical SQL client written in Java that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands, etc. Features: easily view and edit data in any JDBC-compliant database, view the database´s meta-data, work with multiple databases on both local and remote machines, use a single, consistent interface to work with different database engines, and expand the tool´s capabilities and include...

Transaction Generator

TG is a simple load testing tool for Oracle, MySQL and the other databases. TG enables various verification tests concerning the database system which include: testing the performance detecting the bottleneck in the database tuning the application Additional Features: TG is developed using Java. therefore TG can run on any platform. TG emulates multiple user transaction environments using the Java THREAD function. TG generates random transactions which are constructed...

Database .NET

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool. You can Browse objects, Design tables, Edit rows, Export data and Run queries with a consistent interface. Supported databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2/2012 SQL Server CE 3.1/3.5/4.0 (*.sdf;*.*) SQL Server Express and LocalDB SQL Azure Firebird Super/Classic/Embedded Server (*.gdb;*.fdb;*.*) SQLite (*.db;*.db3;*.sqlite;*.*) MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle IBM DB2...


Sql2Csv is a small tool for converting records selected from a database to a text file with separated values, html, SQL dump or xml file. Target users are semi database professionals that are able to use SQL. Sql2Csv is a .NET based tool. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Keyword Market Value Analyzer

Ever wonder what keywords make the most money? Keyword Market Value Analyzer is a free tool that allows you to compile a database of keywords, based on a particular keyword subject, and compare their real market values. Keyword Market Value Analyzer requires that PHP be installed on your web hosting provider. You also need a MySQL database to install a few tables on.

Silver Sash Administrator Free for Oracle Database

Silver Sash Administrator is a free oracle dba tool for administration, development and monitoring software. The detailed features: OS Compatibility--compatible with all versions of Windows; Oracle version compatibility--compatible with Oracle 11g,10g,9i; Full fledged database editor with built-in debugger; Complete database object manageability; Open multiple databases concurrently; Perform operations on multiple objects in a single screen. Manage the following: Table , Index, View,...

Active Directory Explorer

Active Directory Explorer (AD Explorer) is an advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor. You can use AD Explorer to easily navigate an AD database, define favorite locations, view object properties and attributes without having to open dialog boxes, edit permissions, view an object´s schema, and execute sophisticated searches that you can save and re-execute. AD Explorer also includes the ability to save snapshots of an AD database for off-line viewing and comparisons. When you load...


Jailer is a tool for database subsetting, schema browsing, and rendering. It exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. It removes obsolete data without violating integrity. It is DBMS agnostic (by using JDBC), platform independent, and generates DbUnit datasets, hierarchically structured XML, and topologically sorted SQL-DML. Features: Exports consistent and referentially intact row-sets from your productive database and imports the data into your...

Structy for PHP

Structy is a free tool which allows you to simply generate highly improved PHP classes from a MySQL database. The generated PHP classes will ease the access to the database throught different methods explained in detail in the support section of our official website. Thanks to Structy, you will be able to develope easily a proper object oriented web application.

SQL Batch Executor

SQL Batch Executor will run SQL scripts for any database with an ODBC compliant driver. A few years ago, I created a very simple version of this application in order to do my job more effectively. Because I usually generate most of my SQL statements, I had many problems running a series of statements in MS Access. From that application I realized; many other programmers, DBAs, and power users, may have the same problem. And probably in other database formats. This application is meant to...

MySQL for Windows

The MySQL database server is the world´s most popular open source database. Over six million installations use MySQL to power high-volume Web sites and other critical business systems. MySQL is an attractive alternative to higher-cost, more complex database technology. Its award-winning speed, scalability and reliability make it the right choice for corporate IT departments, Web developers and packaged software vendors.

Easy SQL Scripter

Easy SQL Scripter scripts the database schema and data. You can select the schema objects and tables with data to be included into the script. Features: Script database schema and data as Transact SQL statements Preview each object script before generation Wildcard objects filter Data row filter Detect object dependencies and ensure correct creation order SQL viewer with syntax highlighting and regions User-friendly wizard to guide you through the process Full support...


jCodeCollector is a multi-platform application that helps you to manage your code snippets. System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Seven Java 1.6 New in last version Better syntax highlighting added More than 25 languages supported Database updated Line numbers added Several GUI improvements Source List manager improved Search improved Now you can change database location Import/export improved Several bugs fixed

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