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TOP 1 software:Text to HTML Converter
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Text to HTML Converter is a small utility that allows you to convert plain text to html format. To convert your text file to html just open the text file and press the "convert" button. One "hidden" option is that you may convert html to html too.

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Text to HTML Converter

TOP 10 software list

Text to HTML Converter

Text to HTML Converter is a small utility that allows you to convert plain text to html format. To convert your text file to html just open the...


The program represents a WYSIWYG content management system (CMS) for the web – visit cards, personal sites, promo-sites, VIP sites and other small web projects. BCWB does not require a database presence. W3C XML/XSLT technology is applied in the system. As a result, a website assembled in BCWB, can be given any representation form with the help of XSLT full functionalities including vector-graphical representation in SVG format and Flash.

CHM Decoder

CHM Decoder may decompile your CHM file (Compiled Windows HTML Help) or e-book and extract all source files. This tool free for use and work easily and quickly. Want you convert CHM to HTML and view that in your PocketPC or in your web pages? Try CHM Decoder now! The program supports command line. Using batch mode, you can convert several documents simultaneously: chmdecoder.exe [-menu] chm_file [destination_path]

BitNami ocPortal Stack

BitNami ocPortal Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install distribution of the ocPortal application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin so users can get a ocPortal installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux, Linux 64, Mac OS X and Unix operating systems are supported. ocPortal is a CMS with many Web 2.0 features for sophisticated sites. ocPortal supports many types of content (galleries,...


TYPO3Winstaller is a free WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP Webserver) package including the free Open Source content management system TYPO3. This package was created to provide you with an easy to install, out-of-the-box TYPO3 environment. TYPO3Winstaller addresses itself to both, final users and developers. Features: Download and Play - no configuration and no other manually intervention is required simple user interface includes preconfigured Quickstart, Testsite and...

Vbs To Exe

VbsToExe is a command line application that converts VB-Scripts into an executable. Usage: vbstoexe [ -c | -e ] [ -v ] [ -p "password" ] [ filename ] -c --convert Convert a VB-Script into an executable -e --extract Extract the original VB-Script -h --help Print help -p --password Protect the script with a password -v --version Print version number

dotSilver Partner

DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. We delivered the software with the simplest and smoothest yet funny user experience with a serious wonders-at-your-feet technical background working with the shared database. This product is created for those webmasters (companies and individuals) who want to launch a dating site (normally, installed within 10 minutes) working with the global database of members shared between...


AMPPS is a stack of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl & Python. AMPPS enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. With AMPPS you can create a website by installing any of the 215 Apps, customizing it, and then simply publishing it on the internet via a wide choice of hosting service providers. Softaculous AMPPS helps you deploy Apps on your server. We have covered a wide array of Categories so that everyone could find the required application one would need to...


CPS (Collaborative Portal Server) is an extensive open source collaborative Web content management system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope and the CMF (Content Management Framework), that enables organizations to easily, quickly and efficiently implement collaborative portals (intranet, extranet or internet) and workflow- oriented business applications. CPS is a software that enable organizations to implement portalsand workflow. Features: Collaborative work and publication spaces...


Text2Web is a tool to convert text documents to html format. It incorporates integrated clipboard support which provides an almost seamless operation for web authors who want to include snippets of text (formatted or unformatted) into their web pages. Main Features: operate in command-line, batch or interactive mode. HTML formatting handles line and column sensitive text (e.g. lists and tables). select font parameters.. integrated clipboard support. generate...

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