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TOP 1 software:JBYTE - JavaBY Template Engine
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JavaBY Template Engine is a general template engine used for generating any type of text document from a template. JavaBY Template Engine is used mostly for generating HTML from servlets(JSPs) but it can also be used for generating XML, RTF, WML, e-mail text, source code and configuration files.

Template has existed in different forms for several years, its concepts are proven, its implementation is robust and it performs well.

Using JavaBY Template Engine in cooperation with Java Server Pages instead of standalone Java Server Pages means that you can completely separate your content from your markup, as the originators of markup languages intended.

The difference between JavaBY Template Engine and JSP is that content can be generated outside a webserver and that the layout is completely separated from the application code.

JavaBY Template Engine defines a well-formed tag language. There is no scripting language involved. No calls are made from the template to the application and no calls are made from the application code to the template. The result of this is that an application becomes easier to maintain and you get a higher degree of reuse since the same template can be used with different application code and the same application code can be used with different templates.

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JBYTE - JavaBY Template Engine

TOP 10 software list

JBYTE - JavaBY Template Engine

JavaBY Template Engine is a general template engine used for generating any type of text document from a template. JavaBY Template Engine is used...


FlexWizard makes updating your web site as easy as sending an e-mail. It works by inserting your e-mail content into your existing pages via a Java script. Simply define content areas (Flexwindows) on your site, then send an e-mail. It makes a perfect solution to update fast changing content, like the latest news, schedules, web logs, price info etc. The FlexWizard is an easy to use interface, that assists you in setting up the system. Free for personal use only.


trillbox is a flexible and extendable toolkit for building dynamic web pages. Written in Perl and based on Template::Recall, it provides "widgets" (or controls) that you can quickly integrate into your Perl web application. It´s easy and intuitive to use. Widgets are created as modules and included into your code as objects. The toolkit can be used with CGI, mod_perl, PerlScript, or just about any web programming orientation of Perl.

Pranas.NET Web Gallery Creator

Just show it where your images are, press a button and in a few moments an elegant HTML Web Gallery will open in your browser. Considering a tiny 140KB size of this freeware program that runs without installation, you can try it and have your first gallery ready in a matter of seconds. The web galleries created by this program also: integrate with an existing web site if you provide it with a template/master page; play slideshows; can include original hi-res images Requires Microsoft .NET...

Gallery Wizard

Gallery Wizard is a template based program for creating thumbnail gallery pages. It accepts over a dozen different input formats, with the possibilty for creating galleries from several different folders at once. It renders the gallery pages, thumbnails including various effects (like 3D Border), and can optionaly also create HTML pages for each image. By using easy to understand HTML template files with various variables, you can create thumbnail galleries that suit your existing site...

SVA-soft Keywords Analyser

SVA-soft keywords analyser is a simple freeware utility to check keywords density of your web pages. This program will help you to analyse the content of a web page (or any text file). It finds a distinct words and phrases in the file contents and displayes report about their density and frequency. In addition program can show the keywords location in analysed text. It allows visually to check their placement in a file content for improvement of search engine rankings.


ADCollectionsVisualizer allows a whole variety of collection and dictionary objects (and objects for all classes that inherit from these classes) to be viewed in a grid, and also saved to disk if required. The complete set of collection and dictionary classes that are supported are as follows: System.Collections classes System.Collections.ArrayList System.Collections.BitArray System.Collections.HashTable System.Collections.Queue...

Test Case Manager Lite

TCMLite is a free, simple, highly configurable test case management tool enabling you to design, write, and execute your test cases. Your entire test team can concurrently access the same test case repository (XLS file) using Excel´s "shared workbooks" feature. Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer. Installation: No installation; simply copy & paste the XLS template to a shared server, then set the XLS file´s "share workbook" to "allow more than one user to make changes" mode.

BitNami Drupal Stack

BitNami Drupal Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install distribution of the Drupal application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin so users can get a Drupal installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix operating systems are supported. Drupal is a content management platform that allows an individual or community of users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety...


DocFlex/Doclet is a template-driven multi-format Javadoc doclet. It is a freeware edition of DocFlex/Javadoc, which is the rapid doclet development tool. DocFlex/Doclet can be used a free interpreter of custom DocFlex/Javadoc templates, which implement particular doclets. In addition, DocFlex/Doc includes the Standard Template Set, which makes it simply a ready-to-use multi-format doclet. Features: Full support of new Java 5.0 language features: Generic Types, Enums, Annotations....

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