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TOP 1 software:Orange 2.0b
our raiting:7 / 10

Open source data visualization and analysis for novice and experts. Data mining through visual programming or Python scripting. Components for machine learning. Add-ons for bioinformatics and text mining. Packed with features for data analytics.

Downloads for Linux, MacOS X, and other Operating Systems are available at the developer´s website.

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Orange 2.0b

TOP 10 software list

Orange 2.0b

Open source data visualization and analysis for novice and experts. Data mining through visual programming or Python scripting. Components for...

BitNami DjangoStack

BitNami DjangoStack Native Installer is an easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Django applications. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Python and Django so users can get the environment up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems are supported. Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Developed and...


BOUML is a free UML 2 tool box allowing you to specify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl, Php and Python. BOUML runs under Unix/Linux/Solaris, MacOS X(Power PC and Intel) and Windows. BOUML is very fast and doesn´t require much memory to manage several thousands of classes. BOUML is extensible, and the external tools named plug-outs can be written in C++ or Java, using BOUML for their definition as any other program. The code generators and reverses are ones of the pre-defined...


Diffuse is a small and simple text merge tool written in Python. With Diffuse, you can easily merge, edit, and review changes to your code. It can retrieve files for comparison from Bazaar, CVS, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, RCS, Subversion, and SVK repositories. Features: ability to compare and merge an arbitrary number of files side-by-side (n-way merges) line matching can be manually corrected by the user ability to directly edit files syntax highlighting Bazaar,...

Kwatee Agile Deployment

Kwatee fully automates deployments of text and/or binary files from a reference software repository to any number of target servers in your datacenter or in the cloud. Differential updates, that is, the deployment of only files that are different from the ones already installed or that are new, and deployment parallelization yield quick and bandwidth efficient updates of even large applications. Kwatee enables a high degree of flexibility in setting up application configuration parameters....


RRDtool is the industry standard data logging and graphing application. Use it to write your custom monitoring shell scripts or create whole applications using its Perl, Python or PHP bindings. RRD is the acronym for Round Robin Database. It is a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). Note: The download link provided redirects to the default download page for all platform distributions of RRDtool.


Emia4Win is a command line driven POP3/SMTP mail client. It can be used as a Component for adding email capabilities to your applications and scripts. It can be used with any written language (vbscript, perl, python, etc.). A web-developer can use this tool to create a "hotmail" like webmail application or add email functionality to Internet applications. Not only can you send mail, but retrieve mail as well. Now fully STD53 Compliant!! The Emia4Win package includes a complimentary...


scHelp allows authors to create help systems that can be viewed in any modern browser. The scHelp systems can be authored with nothing more than a web browser and simple text editor. (A sample help system will be added to the scHelp package soon)


SuperEdi is the ideal text editor for web site developers and programmers. Text files can be edited locally or directly on a remote server using the build-in FTP client. Syntax coloring is included for HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, and can easily be extended for other languages. You can add powerful extensions to SuperEdi using TextPipe filters or by your own automation scripts written in JScript, VBScript or Perl. SuperEdi comes with a sample multi-level clip library, which you can...


ColdFusionPad is a full featured text editor that includes usage examples for most ColdFusion tags and functions. Tag, function and code examples are available from dropdown menus and insert directly into your code. Build your own code library by adding your own snippets and examples. SQL and ColdFusion 7 references are also included. ColdFusionPad is Freeware for the ColdFusion development community.

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